Audiograms and Hearing Aids
Individuals work through Clover Area Assistance Center (CAAC) or PATH in York to obtain a River Hills / Lake Wylie Lions Club Hearing Assistance Application Form. The completed application is then submitted to the Hearing Assistance Program Administrator for consideration. If approved, we refer the applicant to contact SoundAdvice in Fort Mill to schedule an appointment for a free audiogram to determine the severity of hearing loss in each ear.
If hearing aids are needed, SoundAdvice will program and fit the aid(s) to the applicant. The applicant is asked to pay a $50 per ear co-payment to SoundAdvice, and they will be required to sign a River Hills / Lake Wylie Lions Hearing Aid Return Agreement which allows them to keep the aids on permanent loan. When the aid(s) are no longer needed, they are to be returned to the River Hills / Lake Wylie Lions Club.
During the past year, assistance was provided for 5 individuals and 3 received hearing aids.
Collection of Used Hearing Aids
Used hearing aids may also be donated to the eyeglass collection boxes in the following locations:
• Sweet Repeat
• Lake Wylie Public Library
• York Public Library
• Walmart Vision Center
• Community Church of Lake Wylie
• Poole Optometric in Clover
Used hearing aids are submitted to SoundAdvice for refurbishment and potential reuse.
During the past year, 2 used hearing aids were collected and refurbished.
(Lloyd Viets, Administrator –