Club Charities
Do More Good Now!
The River Hills/Lake Wylie Lions Club actively seeks to support local and state charities in their programs and operations. That support comes from our fundraisers and our own members’ volunteering efforts. The majority of these charities are based right here in our local community and help our neighbors.
The Lions are driven by five pillars that are the basis of our service activities and charity partnerships.
  • Diabetes
  • Vision
  • Hunger
  • Environment
  • Childhood Cancer
Annual fundraising events and programs include a golf tournament, pancake breakfast, Christmas tree Sales, Community Directory development and more.
One of our most important efforts is called Kidsight. Our Lions visit York County schools, working with the nurses to examine the children’s eyes. The Lions have purchased sophisticated computer-aided devices that allow us to scan the eyes of more than 14,000 children in our area. For those who need a referral, the schools send a copy of the Lions’ test report to the parents for consultation with their doctor. When required, the Lions provide a voucher for examinations and glasses.
Some of the charities we support include:
If you represent a non-profit organization that would like to be considered for funding from the Lions Club, you can apply using the form below.
After filling out the form, simply send it to  Be aware that one of our primary considerations will be how your request aligns with the five pillars described above.
Thank you for your interest!